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This is the story.

Swanee's dad with a C200 W202 booked an 11 am slot for an oil change today. He promptly arrived at 11 am at the local dealer, and was shocked to know that its first-come-first- served basis despite having an appointment.

Anyway, the C200 has about 5,000 km on it, and its about 1 year since it rolled out of the showroom.

The service technician told Stanley, Swanee's dad, that "no oil change is necessary".

When Stanley came by my office later that day, I was amused. I told him, matter of factly, that the oil would have broken down after 1 year and might be a better idea to change it. Apparently the service technician advised him to put in some more km and come back later for an oil change.

Now, that is coming from the local MB dealer.

Nevertheless, the oil remains in the engine.


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