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Back in the "old" days, about 10 years ago, you could take your car to a Tune-up Masters, which I guess was the equivalent of today's Jiffy Lube. A tune up consisted of something like the following. Don't forget, all replacement parts, if necessary, were extra.
  • Inspect, clean and regap sparkplugs
  • Inspect spark plug wiring
  • Inspect distributor cap and rotor, points
  • Check timing
  • Adjust idle mixture
What this really meant was:
  • Hit the plugs with an airgun
  • Wiring works since there's ignition
  • You almost always needed a new cap and rotor, so $14 for new distributor cap/rotor/points/condensor
  • Turn the distriubutor clockwise or counterclockwise until it sounds good with your foot on the pedal
  • turn a screw on the carburetor till it feels good, normaly in conjunction with rotating the distributor


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