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Dear Sirs:
I am currently working on a 1975 280 C that I aquired as a restoration project gone bad. The vehicle had set unattended for 8 years. When I picked up the vehicle it had a very bad miss. Find following the steps I have gone through to remedy the problem.
1) Drained old fuel from the tank.
2) Installed new AC AP63 plugs gapped at .035" (Platinum)
3) Installed new plug wires. After this the miss seemed to be totally gone.
4) Removed carberator and cleaned and installed new needle and gasket set. Vacuum pull off for secondaries was bad so replaced this also.
5) After re-installing the carb. the motor seemed to have a very slight miss. Much better than originally but worse than before pulling the carb.
6) The car sat at the body shop for repaint for 3 weeks after picking it up the massive miss has returned.
7) Steps now taken but have not fixed the problem.
a) Pulled all plugs to check gap. They were all
black and sooty. The #3 plug was wet.
b) Installed a new plug in #3 cylinder and ohmed the
plug wire at 1340 ohms.
c) I don't know if the plug color is totally relevant
because it has only been idled around the shop not
taken out and driven.
d) Pulled the top of the carb and checked the fuel
level. I don't have one of the fuel level gauges.
The level of the fuel filled the bowl approximately
e) I plan on performing a vacuum check and a compression
check later.
f) I don't know if this is relevant but my power windows
are not working now.
Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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