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The 300D 2.5 Turbo is no race car, but it is certainly quick. I have no problems climbing a 6% grade mountain pass at 75 mph in fourth gear, although the engine will sometimes get a little warm. I probably need to install a new thermostat and flush my cooling system.

If you stomp on the pedal around a corner it will spin the tires going into second gear.

I average about 27 mpg, with mixed city and highway driving. I accelerate and brake gently, but I have a tendancy to cruise at 80+ mph on the highway. My speed habits probably cost me in the fuel mileage.

Hey Vaughn, I just noticed that you are located in Parker. I live up in Broomfield. Perhaps we should get together sometime in the future for a drive and maybe coffee or something. I'm pretty busy in the near future, but maybe eventually we should do it.


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The MBs:
1976 300D (W115) - 330K and still going (sort of)
1991 300D 2.5 Turbo - Sold at 221K
1983 280SEL - Sold at 206K
1981 300SD - Sold at 232K
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