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Why would you want lower compression? You will have trouble starting it, for sure. You will lose fuel economy, for sure.

And for what? Possibly being able to carry additional boost at the top end?

What are you going to do with the additional boost? How are you going to get enough fuel into the engine to take advantage of the boost?

The entire approach makes no sense. If you want more power from it, then you must add an intercooler. Even with the intercooler, the IP will probably need modifications to get enough fuel to take advantage of the lower charge temperature.

Additionally note that you might get a 20% increase in power with an intercooler. This means that a 617 might be able to put out 145 hp. It still is not going to be a rocketship by any means. In fact, the SDL, dead stock, would probably run neck in neck with it.

All that work and expense and what did you gain????
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