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Thanks Donnie,
I went out and pulled it out and the fuse looked good and tested good. I put the Fluke on the relay poles that are shown to be accross the fuse (with the fuse installed) and I did not have a complete circuit. Based on what is printed on the side of the relay it looks like there is a diode in this loop. Have you ever seen one of these relays fail? It got too dark on me to do much more roubleshooting tonite.

For right now I have disconnected the black/red wire from the evap temp sensor and am supplying power to this circuit through a 5 amp fuse and a toggle switch. I use this to turn the compressor on and off while maintaining the protection offered by the evap temp sensor and the freon pressure sensor to shut the compressor down if either of these items get out of spec. Can the push button console cause this type of problem?

I would like to eventually fix it "right". Where can I get a good wiring diagram for this vehicle? Are they available in

'85 300D
'95 E320
'97 CRV
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