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There are a few

Originally Posted by paduka
sounds like it is time to have the child's car seat permanently attached to this tourer, baby it, and never know what it can actually do. in fear of hurting something they made millions of. inter cooler, inter cooler, inter cooler yes this is a great mod, but in addition to that and being able to feed her more fuel (it just dawned on me this may not be the site to ask. ) and having it breath better on both ends could or has any one here tried to lower the compression
and up the boost and maybe red line this much loved commuter?

does anyone actually know how to reach these FINS? search + E-mail is fastest.
I was looking at a nice Finland mod pack, only $28,000.00 USD, they had a cheap one for $7,900.00 USD, but those where good professional mods.
If you join the diesel engine mod game, you better have deep pockets, an engine every three to six months is not shocking.
I have a friend who races diesel, he junks an engine roughly every five hours.
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