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MB DOC and Bill, I appreciate both of your comments. I pulled the housing from the 240D this weekend. I paid $7 and am happy that I did not loose money on it. Plus, it was a good way to practice removing the thing. My next oil change is not for 4 more weeks, so I will have to wait until then to remove the housing from my car and compare. However, I am not satisfied with Doc's answer for the following reasons:

1. The housing cover/stem from both cars have the same MB part #.

2. The housings from both cars have the same MB part # stamped along the side that faces the block.

I understand what Doc means when he says that the oil line to the turbo does not exist. I guess this is why you say the part #'s are different? Can't I swap the back plates of each housing so that I do have the oil line to the turbo? To me, the back plates look to be the only difference and it looks easy to swap them out. If I did swap them, would there be an internal difference eventhough all the part numbers match? Again, I have not pulled the housing from my car to compare, so I might be leaping before looking on this one. If I am wasting anyone's time regarding this subject, I sincerely apologize. Please advise.
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