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The dash of my 91 300SE is loose. While I'm driving at speed, I can see both ends (left and right) vibrating. I don't care so much about the vibration as the creaks that accompany it. From what I can tell, there is a nut at either end, and a bolt between the defroster registers. I tightened the nuts a little more, but they were snug to begin with. This reduced 80% of the creaking for a few weeks, but it's starting to creak again. The dealer says this is more than felt strips can handle.

It's not so bad that I care to take the dash apart or pay a tech for several hours of diagnosis. What worries me is that W124 owners allude to poor welds and worn suspension components. Is there a quick fix I can try?

Also, it seems like a lousy design to have the dash bolted to a metal strip which is then bolted to the chassis, but I'm the only one complaining thus far.

Any help is appreciated.

91 300SE
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