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Not having done a smog pump belt, I would be inclined to look at the unit and it's attachment points. One of the bolts is installed through a slot, not a hole. Is that belt behind others? If so, they have to come off first, (drag). Once you get to the pump, loosen the bolts and pry the smog pump inwards to get slack. As they say in the CD, "Installation is the opposite". The main thing is that you need to pry the pump and hold it while you tighten the mounting bolts. What you pry with is tough to say. I have a large screwdriver that I have used. I have also used various other tools such as bars, hammers and wood. I like the wood because it is a little more forgiving, but you can't always fit it in there. Tighten the bolts until they strip and then back them off a bit. No wait! There is a torque setting that you could look up, but you might not be able to get a torque wrench in there. Tighten them until they are tight. If they are tight enough, the pump will be immobile. If you can pry it, then you need to tighten. Also, if the belt squeals, then you have to re-tighten.
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