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My car was at the dealer today for new rear discs. Turned out it didn't need them, however the vibration was from one of the front wheels, which was loose (shock and horror, lucky escape etc). They tell me they checked it out and torqued up all the wheels.

No charge.

But, they must have done something else. The 5sp auto is completely different. It kicks down! It shifts down on a quickly opened half throttle. It holds a low gear through corners. In short, it does everything it is supposed to do, but never did before (eg it would not kick down out of 5th at 70mph, now it drops to 3rd).

My question: what have they done?! (it was not just the S/W switch, I checked that out long ago). I will be phoning to discuss when I get a chance, but just wondered whether you guys had any ideas. Is this something that could be achieved on hook-up to the diagnostic computer??

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