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This is a message for all those MB owners who have had a problem with hot starts. This is usually when the car sits for about a half hour after the car is shut off. The problem is a vapor lock caused by a leak in the fuel system. Many people will tell you a relay is bad or something to that effect. This is not the case. The main part to check is the fuel regulator under the air cleaner on the car. It is in the fuel system chain right after the fuel distributor. We changed almost everything else in the fuel system before we discovered that the pressure regulator was bad. We changed the fuel accumulator, pump, filters(several times), all the lines leading from the tank to the pump assembly,the injectors, and were going to try the in tank filter next. We just got lucky enough today to find a 190 that someone just gave us some parts off of.

Just remember that if the car starts fine when it is cold but has to crank for 10 or more seconds after it has been running then you should have this checked. Make sure and look at the FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR!!!

I felt obligated to make my first post an important one. I have been reading messages about hot starting for a while but I have not heard any success stories or and solutions that proved to be correct.Well I hope this can help someone out there. Have fun with your MB's everyone. Happy motoring.

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