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The reason the cars have first aid kits is because it is a German law that cars have first aid kits in them. Also all cars are required to have emergency triangle. When I bought my car, I was very surprised to find a first aid kit sitting in the first aid compartment. It was still sealed, however I knew it could not be the original one from 1980. The case is black nylon with a zipper and says Mercedes-Benz on it. I suspect that in 1980 the kit would of been in a metal or plastic box. This kit and the one in my father's '85 300D were made for Mercedes, by a company here in the USA.
My 1999 VW Passat wagon has a compartment labeled with a green cross. This is where the first aid kit is meant to go. I say meant because VW did not put the kits in the cars bound for the USA. I was able to buy the kit at the dealer. This kit has enough burn dressing, gauze, thermal blanket, and surgical scissors for cutting. Everything in the kit is written in German, English (UK), and French.
Just as side note about German car safety laws. It is also required that cars have one rear, red fog light on the driver's side.
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