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I've noticed lately a slight shimmy when braking hard, or from higher speeds. Was thinking that the rotor were getting worn or starting to warp. Tonight I pulled the wheels and checked out the brakes and everything looked good.

While I had the wheels off I tried to wiggle the rotor/hubs and could only detect a very slight up/down movement. I figured what the hey and decided to check and repack the bearings. Bearings looked good, no unusual wear and plenty of grease but I was able to remove the locking clamp by hand once the set bolt was loosened.

Cleaned and packed the bearings and reinstalled them. Snugged them up , replaced the dust cap and wheels, then went for a spin. The shimmy is gone.

Can the bearings being just a shade loose cause such a shimmy? Never experienced that before, or maybe in my somewhat older and wiser state I am more in tune with the car.

Also, what is the purpose of the little brass V spring (for lack of better term) sticking out from the spindle?
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