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Originally posted by ejsharp
You are right Arthur... we are talking two different arms. The ones I replaced are the upper arms (one on each side of car). They run from the top of the wheel on an angle toward the front of the car and then attach to the frame.

OK. These are the Torque struts. Most parts houses refer to them as "Control arm struts"
Go to :

If you could look them up and check out the fat end I would appreciate it. I have a clink under the rear and I want to make sure I did not put them on backwards.

I have not seen the new version, but I think the larger end would go at the wheel carrier. Might want to ask the
tech's here that are familiar with the new design.

I suspect the clink is coming from the mounts of the center pot (rear gear box). The grommets are worn out on them too. Am waiting for parts from the parts shop.
More than likely. They are a common wear bushing.
Lastly, and I mention this 'cause I have not seen it adressed in these post on rear suspension, - the outer control arm bushings wear. This is a wheel carrier bushing
located at the connecting point of the control arm and carrier. [ kinda like where a ball joint would be on the front end.] Seems that the Curb side wears faster than the
other. A friend with a Benz Shop tipped me off on this one, and on mine, it caused a wobble like a bad tire belt.
Took some time in finding,but that seemed to do the trick.

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