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This afternoon I dicided to take the E320 out for a drive. As I was backing up the youngest son, who was standing outside the car on the passenger side, said "there is something leaking". Sure enough there was a trail of gasoline on the driveway. Put the car up, removed the cover at the fuel filter and found the rubber hose from the fuel filter to the hard pipe leaking at the pipe end. Took a closer look and found the gas hose is pretty cracked. This is the first time I have driven this car in about a week.

I am bringing this up because I have noticed, as going through the 1985 300D "project car" that the items that have failed are the rubber hoses in contact with hydro carbons - oil, gasoline, etc... The worst ones to date were the o rings that were on the pipe that goes down through the center of the oil filter on the 300D. They were real hard and just kinda busted apart when I tried to cut them with a knife.

Ya'll keep an eye on those hoses, especially if the car has 5+ years on it.

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