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Where can I buy just the wire that goes from the ignition coil to the distributor. My spark plug wires are good.
This is for a '76 450 SE.
I am still having trouble getting it started. It starts after I spray starting fluid into the air horn but will not start when it is cold or has sat for a while, and it backfires through the air horn if the throttle is opened wide suddenly.
The last time that I had it running and on the road, it started to splutter and died at an intersection when I hit the gas pedal,it started but I barely made it home. It felt like it had no power at all, as it would take forever to get up to speed after stopping at stop lights.
Could a bad coil wire do this? Or is the engine starving for gas?
After I started having this problem, I have replaced all the old, brittle plastic vacuum tubing under the hood, as everytime I tried to check something around a vacuum tube, even the slightest movement would make the tubes break.
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