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When I lifted my carpet my covers were already loose. Someone must have had trouble in the past. I am glad you found this helpful. I have found that the lists I belong to are full of friendly and knowledgable people willing to share there with others. I have already saved a great deal of money and time from the information I have found in these lists.

With regards to your airconditioning. If when you turn your climate control to where the air contidioning is activated, with engine running and the clutch on the air conditioning compressor does not engage, it may be due to low coolant. Try going to the device in the lower right corner of your engine compartment. This device has what looks like a small round sight glass on the top. Also on the top is the pressure switch for the air system which is designed to shut system down if low coolant is pressent to avoid ruining components. While engine is running and air settings on pull off the two spade connectors on this pressure switch and connect them together. If when you connect these together the compressor engages, you are low on coolant(freon). Remember to reconnect these back to the pressure switch.

In addition to the suggestion made by dracman, there is a tube that goes between the airblower in the car and the area where the thermistor is housed. This is used to draw cabin air past the thermistor so it can read accurately. If, while blower is running, you place a piece of tissue paper over the slits on the dash for this thermistor vent the paper should get sucked to the vent. If this does not happen then the tube may be bad. In this case if you remove your glovecompartment box you can access this tube. It is a foam tube running sideways. If this tube is bad you can replace it with the insulation tubing sold to insulate water pipes. Teh insulation for 1/2" pipe fits very well and can be held with wire ties at either end. If you are unsure how to get the glove box out, there are (on mine) 9 grey buttons around the front edge. These buttons are two piece. The top hat part is a pin that pops down into the center of another plastic piece (same color). Pry the very top piece from the bottom with a small screw driver. I hope this helps you.


1982 300D Turbo 4 door sedan
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