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Here's one for all you wagon afficionados out there.
I ran across an incredibly clean '92 300TE yesterday.
The wife and I briefly considered trading into it, but
our '87TD is in good enough shape not to bother, plus
I actually prefer the OM603 diesel over the M103. (Now,
if it was an M104, things might be different.)

Here's the brief history: White over grey tex. Third
seat & cargo net/cover option. Exterior is perfect - I
could not find a single door ding, scratch, defect,
etc. The owner replaced the wheels with brand new 15-hole
rims because, well, they were looking like old wheels.
(Guess he doesn't know they can be painted.)
The wheelwells have been powerwashed and are clean
enough to eat off - that's how obsessive the owner was.
I managed to find a few small spots where the paint was
touched up, but that's it.

Interior is at least the equal of the outside. Perfect
tex, both front seats are firm & supportive. All carpets
& wood are absolutely perfect. Obviously not used as a
kiddy hauler.

One owner. 92K miles. All books & records. All service
performed at the selling dealer.

You could lie to your passengers and tell them the car
was brand new, and they'd never even think of questioning
your truthfulness. You don't find one like this very

Car is at Ewing ******** in Plano, Texas. They're asking
$17,900, which strikes me as the high end of reasonable
for this car. No real warranty, but they do offer 30 days
of coverage.

Standard disclaimers apply: I've no affiliation with Ewing,
other than as a moderately dissatisfied customer. No
affiliation with the car here; I merely saw it on the lot
while driving by, etc. etc.
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