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My ignition jammed last night, had to tow the car to my mechanics parking lot (cost $180). My mechanic said this morning that he would have to take the dash apart, break the steering wheel locking mechanism (steering wheel is currently stuck on the lock position) then take out the tumbler. Then the VIN needs to be called in, a tumbler and key made then a new steering wheel lock and tumbler need to be installed. He has not said how much money yet but I am sure its going to be alot. I have to rent a car for a week because the tumbline takes about that long to arrive via mail..any ideas or thoughts as to other alternatives...

Let this serve as a caution to those of you that have worn or wobbly ignition tumblers that jam now and then...get it fixed now. My costs will be $180 towing, $188 rental car plus maybe $500+ for new steering lock and tumbler. Eeeeesssh
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