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Originally posted by rudy
would you please share some light on how to drain the torque converter. This is for the 88 420 SEL, ...the mechanic says that there's no way to drain the converter without removing the transmission. I tried to educate myself, ..check underneath, ..I saw no drain plugs that can work on. Also, was the converter refilled ?
Will greatly appreciate any advice that you extend....
Step one: Find a Technician, lose the mechanic pronto.
There is a drain plug on the torque converter. You have to rotate the engine to find it. If it hasn't been apart before (engine/trans), the drain plug should be visible through the vent on the bottom of the trans housing with the engine at TDC. Otherwise, you feel for the 5-mm drain plug(just like the one on the pan) on the converter while rotating the engine with a 27-mm socket on the crank bolt. The converter is automatically filled by the transmission pump when you start the car. Put 4 quarts in, then start the car and add the rest. When cold, the fluid should be 10-mm below the lowest mark on the stick.
Randy D.
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