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things to do...

All belts and every rubber hose you find under the hood. Blown coolant and heater hoses are notorious for leaving people stranded and they cause a lot of damage when they let go (overheating and cracked heads). Do a good flush and fill while you're at it. Make sure you use MB coolant and distilled water. Also, and I'm not sure if this applies to your car, but if you have the replacable voltage regulator/brush pack in the back of your alternator you should go ahead and replace that too.

Secondly, I would go through your entire under-hood electrical system and hit up all battery cables and electrical connections with, depending on the connection, either sandpaper a file or electrical contact cleaner. Follow up with dielectric grease. Up here in the NE, corrosion on electrical connections causes lots of problems.

Lastly, new fuel filters, an keep a set for spares in the trunk.

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