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Listen buddy the whole point was that the parts arent theat much and who cares about the cost. I feel a lot better knowing that i have the whole fuel system replaced because you dont know the history of the car. you would have to know that it sat for two years with gas in the lines. you know what happened next?

thats right. all the fuel varnished inside the entire fuel system. good guess. now my whole point was that i dont mind paying the costs cause i think it was a fun project and who cares if i enjoyed the project. the entire point of my original post was to convey the message the none of you so called "pro MB techs" had been saying. check the fuel pressure regulator as well as the stupid ovp relay. i have never heard so many people talk about the overvoltage relay as a problem. i have yet to hear of changing that solve a thing.

now that i am all riled up about this i feel it was a mistake to try and help anyone, because so many of you so called experts constantly try to discredit people. well let me tell you something you technical genuises, i figured out the problem on my own. guess what i am 16!!!!! so thanks alot.

for all the other plain folk MB owners like me, keep up the good work and dont take to heart what these "master technicians" have to say about hard starting.

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