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sorry about that last post guys, but sometimes i would just like to hear someone reply to my post and not get smug with me about what i should be paying to fix my mercedes the way i want to. that steve guy basically told me that i was wasting my money. well i dont think i was. i had fun working on it and i appreciate steve and everyone elses thoughts on this post.

one more time i will say this. the original post was not to start an argument or anything like that. i simply meant to let people know that my fuel pressure regulator went bad, and i never heard a word about checking that part for possible hard starting problems. i just wanted to let people know if they are diy'ers then thats a good place to check.

you can get really cheap used parts at the site they are really nice people and they are prompt about shipping stuff out. great place to look for spark controllers. mercedes told me 2300 for a new one. i got one from that site for $50. worked like a charm.
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