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Johnson Chan:

The wiring and washer/wiper issues are pretty well discussed in these threads
Procedure to convert connectors for Euro headlights
Headlight Wipers & Euro Headlights
You will be replacing your US connector with a Euro connector. Barrie describes the wiring, and has a good description of how to adapt your old wipers to work with the new lights.

As far as bulbs, you use H4 bulbs. If you want the most light, try the Osram Silver Star or Philips Vision plus bulbs. If you want a blue light, each of these companies makes a Blue Vision version. On any bulb stick to the standard wattage unless you add relays and larger guage wire. Your H3 fog light bulbs from your old lights should work, but will no longer be yellow. If you want yellow for better fog use, Hella makes some 'Dichroic' coated bulbs that look white to oncoming traffic, but are yellow on the ground. They work very well.

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