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Mikey: I can go along with what Rick is saying. My additional comments would be that with FSS, the oil is in there for roughly 10K miles +, so if the car is driven an average of say 10 to 20K miles a year, you want the oil to cover a large area of ambient temperatures, at least in an area where I am, the upper midwest, which wouldn't be too different than Germany, it's the Germans calling the shots here, they are probably basing some of their decisions on a climate with seasonal changes, not the sub-tropics. I feel also that this is a good choice of viscosity. If I drove my car alot of miles, I may try doing a service in the spring and run 20W50, then hope the next service was due in the fall and go back to the 0W-40 for winter. But I don't have any problem in servicing customer cars with the 0W-40 year round. I just think it's great MB is paying for the Mobil 1, or I hear they will pay for other synthetic brands as well......Gilly
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