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Your dealer can order you a manual, they are around 10 to 15 bucks,or if the dealer isn't close, call 1 800 FOR-MERCedes and they can take your order, but try calling between about 8am to 4pm eastern time. The "S W" switch is Standard or Winter. In winter the trans starts out in a higher gear than in the standard mode, it helps reduce wheel spin on slick roads. I have also noticed it acts as a kind of "hill-holder" on steep hills. It's really neat, although MB doesn't promote it as such. Try stopping on a steep hill in S mode, steep enough so the car creeps backwards with your foot off the brake. Then switch it to W mode. On the other question, I am unsure what you mean. i think you may be referring to the headlight switch that pulls out 2 clicks. The first click is for the fog/driving lights. The parking lights or headlights have to be on for then to work(parking light is the first position to the right, headlights is all the way to the right). The second click also turns on the rear foglight, which is like an additional brakelight, only on the left rear though, not both sides. Now you may notice the strange markings on the headlight switch over on the left. These are called standing lamps. They only work with the ignition off. If you move the headlight switch one click to the left with the ignition off, the right parking lights come on, if you move it all the way to the left, the left parking lights come on. This I guess is a common European feature. My thought is if you are stranded on the right side of the road, you can turn on only the left parking lights, so other drivers can see the side of the car closest to them, or just the right side if you are stranded on the left,guess it depends which country you are in as to where the car will be parked. So be sure the headlight switch is pointing "up" when you shut off the car or you will run the battery down (unless you are stranded and want to use this feature, everyone I know uses the hazard flashers!!!)....Gilly
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