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Hi Charles,

If the self leveling system is not working, could you just put air shocks on the rear end to do the job? I'm assuming it does work, but just incase, you know? I'd be happy to get two to three years out of the car, so I'd most likly go the cheaper route, if I could get away with it.

The interior is in good shape, just has the cracked dash top, any cures out there for the cracks yet, besides covering it up? The headliner is fine, no sagging.

It has hardly any visible rust, and what you do see is so minor.

It does have the third seat, an obtion I really like.

The shop was closed when I stopped by to look at the car, while I was looking at it, the owner of the shop was leaving and told me about the car. he was leaving so I couldn't start it or test drive it then. He said to stop by Saturday for a test drive. He did tell me that it does need ball joints. He told me that he'd replce them for $230 parts & labor.

I might trade him my 82 300D turbo sedan for it, either even or with some additional cash.

I always liked the MB station wagon, although I think MB calls it the "estate car".

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