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Originally Posted by ksing44
I have to admit that I am little embarrassed that this thread resurfaced. I was just a little emotional that night and got carried away gushing about my love for my car. Maybe we can just let this post sink to the bottom, so that I donít have to be embarrassed any more.

After reading it again, however, I am a little hungry for some Indian food and for a long ride to the Rocky Mountains and California. One of these days I am going to have to repeat that wonderful long ride to the west.
Hey, Ken, nothing to be embarrassed about. I think most of us can relate - a good car has that effect. In February I bought a brilliant silver, light gray interior '99 E320 with 27k miles. I had been looking for an A8 or a 2.7 A6 Audi, but on my second visit to the cars I had tried, I took my wife and 11-year old daughter along. The A8 was impressive and the A6 was sporty, but "the girls" thought the rear seats - where our dtr will ride for the next year at least - were too hard. I thought they didn't know what they were talking about but a quick sit-down confirmed their opinion. My wife's car is an '04 V70 Volvo and its rear seats are much more friendly. So my wife sees this MB in the corner with "Lo Miles!" painted on the w/s. "Heck, might as well give it a try while we're up here (in Pennsylvania from Baltimore)." Short story even shorter: they loved it and I was amazed at how effortlessly I changed to someone who could appreciate, at last, a fine ride rather than one emphasizing performance. I should mention that for two years I had a Volvo T-5R that I'd done most of the regular mods to (chip, race cat, cat back exhaust, underdrive pulley, etc, etc.) and it was a stormer. Sold it to a kid who flew into BWI from Florida and he called me from I-95 in NC that evening: "Man, does this thing fly!" But for me it was time to move on. I sure am glad my move led me to this great automobile. BTW I sure am glad I found this forum. Excellent resource.
So, Ken, I say anyone expressing him/herself about something for which there is genuine appreciation should never feel embarrassment.
To steal the Mini Cooper ad slogan, "let's motor!"
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