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Thanks for the info.

I looked in the paper works from the dealer. It said that they aligned the front end to factury spec. I don't know why they did not do a 4 wheel alignment.

They also balance and rotated my tires. But, I don't think it changed anything. Interms of drifting to the right. This was all done under warrentee.

The stearing wheel is slightly off center. After carefuly observing it this moring driving it to work. It want to return to the center position that is when it will drift to the right. But, that could be because of the road banking to the right.

I, don't know you guys. I almost feel guity taking it in again, to have them check the alignment in the rear. But, I will always be restless unless, I am convince that all the alignment is check out. What do you guys think?

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