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yellow lights

hi chris

i also have a bit of a fascination with yellow bulbs. my experience has been that the yellow light does NOT shine as bright as a bluish-white bulb. the yellow is toward the warmer end of the light spectrum.basically this light is hotter not brighter.
i just had some hella 500 foglights put on my explorer. [i had been searching quite sometime for some yellow h4 + h3 bulbs]i found some bulbs by hella, "yellow star". i bought some 85 watt h3 bulbs, i love them! they have a bluish-yellow kind of light. it is very effective and unique.
i have some h4 60/55 watt yellow bulbs [not hella] osram, my wife hates them so much she will take our explorer instead of m.b. if they are in it.

i am going to buy the 110/85 watt hella yellow star h4 as soon as i can.

you can get hella from

or also check this supplier for other yellow bulbs

go to my webpage, i have some yellow bulbs up there now.

sorry i rambled so long

p.s. if you would ever get stopped by big-brother and questioned about your lights just say "these are supposed to be all-weather bulbs,they do seem a little yellow"

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