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I've got a 1991 190e so being off warrenty I tend to avoid the dealer. I was recommended to a local frame and alignment shop by the local work motor head (former NASCAR mechanic) after I noticed uneven front tire wear and was tired of a slight pull. They took it for a test drive on surface streets and aligned it. They did at first start with the steering wheel but in the process of doing he wheels it moved (I was watching). I didn't think much of it, they are the experts, but when I took it on the freeway it did pull to the left and the steering wheel was off center. I took it back a couple of days later and they mentioned on a re-test it wasn't quite right and re-did it and its now ok. They didn't do anything about the back, but the problems were with the front and solved with just a front alignment. They did mention something about one parameter was set to pull the car slightly to the left so it would go straight over the normal arc of a road. I did ask them specifically about steering wheel being straight and they said the alignment process does start with the steering wheel and the tires aligned to it and each other.
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