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Brian K
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cis is not a pulsed system. cis is constantly injecting fuel when the engine is running. the distributor adjust the amount of fuel based on the input from the air flow sensor plate.
it has zero relationship to the position of the crankshaft or the cylinders. the cis system could care less where the crank or the cylinders are at any given time.
sounds odd that the injectors are constantly injecting, right? where does all the "extra" fuel go? it doesn't go anywhere, it sits in the intake manifold behind the intake valve, for that microsecond before the intake valve sucks it into the cylinder.
as you can see, its not the greatest from a precision or efficiency standpoint. which is why its not used anymore. it is, however, kind of an interesting system, it is not electrical at all (except the later ones that use an o2 sensor for some fine tuning), in its pure, early form, it is entirely hydromechanical.
btw, motronic does *not* have one control for fuel and one for ignition, motronic uses one integrated ECU to control both.
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