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Originally Posted by yal
Isn't this the other way round?
Depends on where you stick your multi meter I guess.
I was basing this on Duke 2.6's slightly rich mix of 40%
as in O2 sensor wants to lean a rich mixture... and enrich a lean one.

now I'm confused...

Edit: Ok I just replayed this in my head when I adjusted my mixture last weekend...

KOEO- multi meter + lead in pin #2 (ground) / - lead in pin #3 (system)
duty cycle = 69.3% fixed (49 states controler)

Engine fully warmed and running- multi meter + lead in pin #2 / - lead in pin #3
Adjust mixture adjustment screw clockwise (richen mix) = lowers the duty cycly % reading
Adjust mixture adjustment screw counter-clockwise (lean mix) = raises the duty cycly % reading

Or perhaps I should say leaning or richening of the base mix by the controler.

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Reading your M103 duty cycle:

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