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Wm. Lewallen
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Cars Meow,
If your car has the terminal block on the right(pass) side inner fender, find the purple wire and use a jumper wire from it to the + battery term. If you don't have the terminal block, don't despair. We have other ways to get your starter working.Look in front of your battery for a plastic sheath of wires. Slit the plastic for about one or two inches, and reach in and get the purple wire. Skin back enough of the insulation so you can connect your jumper wire. If you want to start your car, make sure it is in park or neutral because you are by-passing everything.Let the glow plugs glow for a while before engaging the starter.
I have all three of my Mercedes diesels wired with this jumper wire. Comes in handy when adjusting the valves and you need to turn the engine over. Good luck..
Bill Lewallen;Lexington,Ky.Home of fast horses and dumb asses.
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