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83 240D Manual transmission.
The ignition was dead as a rock the day-before-yesterday in Manhattan garage!. Luckily I had a brainstorm and got some wire and hand fired the starter solenoid with key in "Run" position.
I have been runnin the car this way the last two days, will fix it tomorrow.
I hear there is a Neutral Switch in the circuit, but I cannot find it on the Service CD wiring ignition diagram. This diagram just shows the Ignition switch "start" position going to the solenoid, glow plugs. Does anyone know the physical location of the switch.

Sometimes the car stll starts! Either I have a loose connection or faulty bushings wr neutral switch. Today i got in absent mindedly and it fired right up! Other times I must still jumper the solenoid.
Is there really a neutral switch? I'm going to work on it at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
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