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OK, I'll bite: How do you identify a "euro" block from a US block? The couple 112 engines we've needed to replace, the new engines had excellent (as always) cross hatching. MB knows what they're doing with FSS. The "color" of the oil is not an indication of it's ability to protect the engine. I just can't believe it is that hard to imagine that an engine that contains 8 1/2 quarts of oil can go a higher amount of miles between oil changes. That's reason enough to go 10000 miles right there. These are tough motors. We had 2 112 engines get caught in a flood last year, an ML320 and a E320, both with 112 motors. Both were hydro-locked. Pulled plugs, cranked engine, reinstalled plugs. One started after the first clearing, the other needed the plugs pulled and chambers cleared a second time due to water being pulled out of the intake, then that one started too! No engine damage. Another car, a 124 300E had a bent #3 rod due to the same circumstances. The only gas motor that comes to mind in the last 20 years as being tougher than the 112/113 motor is the 119, now THAT is one tough bastard of a motor.....Gilly
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