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Last Monday I finally had both the fuel pump relay and the overvoltage protection relay replaced in my car. I got the car back and it ran very well except for a rough idle. Having just spent a lot of my parent's money (I'm a pathetically poor HS student), I decided that it would be best if I could wait on fixing that for a while if everything else worked fine. I had no problems until today when my car stalled while I was slowing at a red light. Not only did it stall, it refused to start back up. I had to call my insurance company and arrange for a tow truck to come and tow my car. So, about 2 and a half hours after the original incident, I now find myself looking for what could have caused this. What else is there to replace that I have not replaced all ready.
Heres a list of the stuff that i have replaced hoping to cure my car's ailments:
-spark plugs
-plug wires
-distributor cap
-distributor rotor
-fuel filter
-oil filter
-air filter
-over voltage protection relay
-fuel pump relay
-What Next!?

thanks for your help

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