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Ok Gilly,

I now follow you regarding the switches. They seem to work. They send 12 volts (at least the driver's side and trunk)to the blue wire of the three pronged plug at the pump housing. This occurs when I press the lock button at the drivers door or turn the trunk key.

In turn, the circuit board is activated and the points of one of the small copper coils on the board begins to vibrate. But the motor does not run. I believe the points should only make contact and not vibrate. There is current at the two prong connector that powers the board and pump. The vibration stops after about 30 seconds.

I know the motor works because I had disconnected it from the circuit board and ran 12 volts to it.

It looks to me like something is wrong with the circuit board.

Anybody out there have an old vacume pump that I could have the circuit board out of?

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