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I saw this melted fuse/hoodpad earlier in the day, and it looks as bad in person as it does in the picture...maybe worse. If I wouldn't know any better, I would say the plastic fuse holder erupted like a mini volcano.

The only theory that I have so far, is that there was a hairline crack...seeing as how there is so much current, it was able to bridge this hairline crack, and at the same time because it was bridging this gap, the metal started to heat up/ turn red, which then caused the subsequent melt-down.

Or....a cockroach was sitting on the metal strip, and when the current went through he hung in there for a while until he finally blew up, and what you see it actually cockroach guts.

I think I will stick by my first theory, and see what y'all come up with. I have a keen interest in knowing the cause, since I have a '94 E420.

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