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I tested the three pin connectors in the driver's and passenger's doors and the trunk.

However the wiring colors are a bit different... maybe because I have the security system where the lights flash and the horn beeps.

The wires at the locks are as you describe them... red with white stripe, brown ground but there is no black with any colored stripe. Instead each of the 3 connectors has a uniquely colored third wire. The driver's door is blue, the passenger's door is green and the trunk has a yellow third wire in the connector. Each of these unique colors: blue, green and yellow run to and make up the three pin connector at the pump housing. There is a second TWO wire connector at the pump housing. It contains the red with white stripe(hot always at the two pin connectorof housing, yet hot at the pump only when lock is activated) and the brown ground.

When I tested the three pin connector at the drivers door I found that the red and white is hot with 12 volts... same with the connector at the trunk. But the passenger door has only microvoltage... essentially dead.

I cannot seem to get voltage to any of the third wires (blue,green, yellow)... I tested with key on and off and lock up and down doors open and closed. I suspect these wires serve to activate the switch of sorts on the circuit board in order to operate the pump.

So I suspect something bad in the passenger door and possibly a bad circuit board at the pump. (I'm assuming the microswitch you mentioned is somewhere in the door)

Edited update.

I took a 12 volt battery out and hooked it to the pump with the vacume lines attached and when I activate the pump all the locks in the car including the gas tank do fuction.. they go from the unlocked to the locked position. That means the pump and vacume lines are OK.

So I figure the board too may be OK but something is wrong in the doors (as you suggest). Any idea what I might look for and can I repair or clean up the door switches or whatever else is in there? Fuses are OK.

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