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Hi guys 2 years ago I needed a tune up on my 86 300e. So with my past experience of hot rodding I did a bit of customization.I purchased a set of 8mm Taylor spiro pros the universal set.Along with adding an Msd Super coil and AC Delco Irridium rapid fire plugs I havent had any problems.
The car starts better and runs alot smoother than the bosch set.
Also it was alot cheaper going this route.
Wires :$90.00 CAD
Plugs:$10.00 CAD each
MSD Blaster SS Coil:$90.00 CAD

I didnt change the cap and rotor yet due to the fact every fall and spring I polish the contacts using a dremel with a fine wire wheel.(makes it last longer and causes great conductivity)

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