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Astro Oil Pan Removal

Okay...I've done my share of repairs on vehicles that the manuals stated "must be done at an approved repair facility", but I may be at one that I need to actually do this time.
My head gasket blew on my Astro Van - so both heads came off, one had to be replaced, new head gaskets, lifters, inake manifold gaskets, etc., and I have a mechanical "tick, click" that my buddy has diagnosed as related to one particular piston. The Piston Con Rod may be bent or some other damage to the piston assembly - the long and short is that the piston needs to be taken out.
Has anyone removed the oil pan with the engine in place or found a way to get the oil pan off by jacking the engine up or anything? If you have done this or know someone who has I would appreciate your insight!
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