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I have been on this site for about a month now and it seems that there are a host of vacuum problems that can occur. Today, I had the first for my 300D. I changed the oil yesterday. I accidentally popped off the vacuum line that goes into the back of the Injector Pump. I heard a slight hissing sound even though the car was not running. I reattached it. Then I started the car and idled for a bit to recirculate the oil. After a while, I went out to dinner with the family and I noticed the vehicle was much more sluggish from a stop than normal. Then today, I noticed that it won't turn off and the door locks are not working. If the car won't shut off AND the door locks don't work, does that mean that I just have a leak in the system or is the vacuum pump shot, etc.??? I am a light to moderate DIY'r but vacuum systems are foreign to me up to now. HELP!!! I feel sure whatever it is I can fix but getting the coathangar through the firewall to shutoff the engine just doesn't work too well!!

Also, I installed today a glue in dash cover. I noticed the air temp sensor on the dash was not meeting the recepticle like it should so I dug around from under the dash and pulled out a rubber tube about 3/4" diameter with a white plactic housing at one end. That is where the air temp sensor is received but I cannot find the electrical part that goes with it.

Sorry for the many questions but the Haynes manaul is blank on me for this one!!

Thanks for the help,
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