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PIAA gets their Hyper Platinum white COLOR with a coating that filters out some of the yellow. They also rewind the filament for more light output in the center of the beam than at the periphery. The center is the Hot Spot that they claim the "equal to 135 watts output". The rest of the beam drops off. You can't filter out some of the light and wind up with more light, anymore than you can remove a slice from an apple pie and claim it is now equivalent to 2 whole pies! Many different sites have reviewed the PIAA bulbs and foumd them to be not as good as standard H4 halogens in terms of light on the road. Do a search, or go to

If you just have to have a blue-white light and don't mind loosing useful beam (especially in bad weather), by all means go with the rice bulbs. If you are determined to get the most light on the road, go with Hella +30 or Philips Premium, or if you can find them, Philips Vision Plus.

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