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Thanks ...

Thanks a lot for your answer. Here is some additional information that maybe can be useful: The fuelpump/filter/valve are all brand new. When I turn on the ignition, I hear the fuelpump starts, - and it never stops! Shouldn´t it when the pressure is right? Further, - when I turn the key to start the engine, it fires right away (maybe on 1 or two cylinders) - but it doesn`t start before after 10 secs. or so. Also, if I hold the gaspedal down when starting - the engine starts quicker, but with black smoke from the exhaust and smell of unburned fuel. Does all this this also indicate a leaky injector?

Since both my MB and myself are located i Thailand (where tempearturs are always over 25 Celcius), - do I really need a choke on this engine, - or can I just in any way cut it out?
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