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I recently replaced the battery in my 87' 190E 2.3 with one purchased from an auto parts chain store. The car starts without a problem but after not using it for 5 or 6 days the battery goes flat. The parts store tested the battery on the bench and in the vehicle with their test fixture and said that both the battery and alternator are fine. I checked the current drain on the battery with the ignition off using a Digital multimeter in series with the negative battery cable. The drain is 100 ma. I sequentially removed and reinstalled each fuse but observed no change in current. I do not have electrical diagrams for the car but noticed that the computer was not listed on the fuse box so I assume that it is what's drawing the current. I'm not sure if 100 ma is sufficient to drain a healthy battery in 5 days. Any thoughts as to what else might be causing the drain? What is the reccomended battery capacity for this vehicle?

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