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Originally Posted by PatrickW
That's an awful lot of money for something that the average person probably couldn't tell from a Kia Amanti, if not for the hood ornament.

- Patrick
I saw one of these today at school out of the corner of my eye parked on the street. "What MB has the grill that recessed?" I wondered as I turned my head to get a look. Where is the damn hood ornament? Is that even a merc? I just shoved it off as another something-rather-new that someone had money to spend on...

I still liked the 220D better that I saw today with the "SQsequential Biofuels" sticker on the back and the "my age" female behind the wheel. There are a few chicas around town with old diesel mercedes and biodiesel yummies...
...where do I sign up to share processor time with them
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