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Originally Posted by DieselJim
I guess that is why the local Benz dealer has a driving range, hot spot, plasma tv's and fitness center. You will spend a lot of quality time and money there. I don't even think what their labor rate is. Only time I have stepped inside is to get some original door keys for my trusty old 300SD. I wish I had bought one of these in college instead of my 99 Grand AM. Only reason I will buy a new or recent model car is because my wife insists and/or I am flush with cash.

I suspect if you only take the E and S class the quality would not be quite so bad though it is not what it used to be. The C class and M class SUVs are cheap and reak of cheapness. Mercedes has a bad case of K car syndrome. Dumb of them to buy Chrysler. People want gadgets and the government wants gadgets to improve fuel consumption but as Scotty says "The more complicated the plumbing the easier to clog up the drain" Most makes have similar problems just you expect better from Mercedes and they are much more painful!
Can't Blame Chrysler for the was well on its way before they bought Chrysler...besides Chrysler execs weren't the ones running the company.
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