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Originally Posted by ke6dcj
FWIW, a co-worker took delivery of a new SL55 AMG, and after two-weeks, the electronics went crazy/possessed. Seats were moving on their own, engine wouldn't start; etc.

He had the car replaced with a NEW one under "lemon laws", and again the same thing happenned.
Yikes. One electronics gremlin you can write off to infant mortality. Two like that is scary. I wonder how wide spread that is. Either he was extremely unlucky or they have a manufacturing flaw that has gone way to far. Again decent QC would catch this. One short or bad connection in system where everything is connected can cause bad things to happen. Regulators and actuators have an expected life span but their is no reason for controls to fry. Especially in the relatively controlled world of an automobile that should be relatively power surge free. Protecting the controls with fueses and breakers from shorts of failed components is old technology. You can write off anectdotal stories once in a while but they have become so common with the Benz.
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